Valorant Patch 4.11

Riot Games releases Valorant Patch 4.11

Riot Games has released Valorant Patch 4.11 with multiple changes to the game. This update includes a few bug fixes, quality of life changes, and a new feature.

The new feature is named “Clutch Mute,” and it allows the player to mute all players simultaneously during a clutch situation. This feature has a dedicated keybind, which players can use to instantly mute all teammates during an intense in-game scenario. Hence, you do not need to go to the settings to mute your teammates using this feature. 

Valorant Patch 4.11 Patch Notes

Besides the new feature, the new patch also brings some bug fixes and quality of life changes. Following are some of the highlights of the new Valorant patch.

Social Updates

Clutch Mute: A new feature that allows you to mass mute your teammates and/or party members using a keybind during an intense in-game situation.

Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Changes 

Riot has fixed all the following agent bugs 

Skye: The bug where Skye sometimes made an unintended pose when holding a gun, seen in third-person. 

Skye’s Seekers would not travel down the chute on Breeze. 

Jett: Superdash bug. 

Yoru: The bug that allowed the players to use weapons while exiting the dimensional drift.

Astra: The bug that showed the location of enemy Astra’s star 

KAY/O: unable to re-stabilize KAY/O after being themselves resurrected by Sage’s ultimate.

Chamber: Chamber would teleport if the enemy kills him while he teleports. 

Chamber’s Rendezvous range won’t show. 

Fade: Fade’s Prowler would not travel down the chute on Breeze.

Sova: Sova’s trickshot voice line will only play when he kills an enemy with a shock dart with one or two bounces, and not after destroying traps. 

Riot has fixed more bugs than mentioned above. Click here to read the detailed patch notes of Valorant Patch 4.11 on the official Valorant website. 

Riot Game has a great track record of maintaining and adding useful features to the game. Although Valorant Patch 4.11 is a minor update, it balances the game in multiple aspects. On the other hand, Valorant Episode 5 is just around the corner. Follow Esports91 on Instagram and stay tuned to our website for latest and fastest Esports and Gaming updates and news. 

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