Valorant Patch 5.01

Valorant Patch 5.01: Agents Buffs, Bug Fixes, and more

Riot Games has released Valorant Patch 5.01, bringing agent buffs, some bug fixes, and more. 

Phoenix was one of the weakest and least picked agents in the game. However, the agent has got some significant buffs in patch 5.0 and surely he won’t be the weakest agent any more. On the other hand, Yoru has got some buffs to his kit, and KAY/O have got some mix of nerfs and buffs to his kit.

Valorant Patch 5.01 Changes

Patch 5.0 brings some significant agent changes, bug fixes, and game updates. Following are some of the highlights of the update. 

Valorant Patch 5.01 Agent Changes


  • Curveball (Q): The flash duration has been increased from 1.1 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
  • Blaze (C): Phoenix will equip his weapon earlier if he stops bending his Blaze wall. 
  • Run it Back (X): The Ultimate ability of Phoenix will not cost his shields anymore. He will now spawn back to the marker with the amount of shield he had before using his ultimate ability.


  • Dimension Drift (X):
  1. The duration of Yoru’s Ultimate has been increased from 10 seconds to 12 seconds.
  2. The unequip time of ultimate has been reduced from 1.2 seconds to 0.8 seconds.


  • FRAG/ment (C): 
  1. The diameter of FRAG/ment has been reduced from 10 metres to eight metres. 
  2. FRAG/ment can now damage without line of sight, i.e., it can damage players through walls. 
  • NULL/cmd (X):
  1. Only teammates can now hear the ‘full channel audio’ of reviving KAY/O. 

Similar to the ultimate orbs and defusing spike sounds, the enemies can now only hear the start of the audio cue. 

Valorant Patch 5.01 Bugs Fixed

Valorant Patch 5.01 also brings a lot of bug fixes. Following are all the bug fixes.

Yoru: Fixed a bug with Dimensional Drift where the invulnerability kicked in later than it should after it was cast. 

Sova: Fixed the issue where Sova’s Shock Bolt did not damage enemy traps and other game objects (other than players).

Fade: Fixed issue where Fade’s Haunt would sometimes reveal enemies that were on the other side of a thin wall.

Performance: Fixed an issue where having the Raw Input Buffer setting enabled caused scrolling in chat or friends list to go directly to the top or bottom.

Gameplay Updates

New Smurf Detection Functionality (in North America)

  • The new Smurf Detection Functionality addition to the smurf detection systems will make sure that new players (that means all new accounts) are matched up with players of the correct skill level, much faster than before.
  • This functionality will be first tested in North America to make sure everything is working correctly before a global rollout.
  • Testing starts in the second or third week of July.

Twin Hunters in Spike Rush will now also damage destructible walls.

Improved collision behaviour when walking next to or behind another player

  • This will reduce the amount of jitteriness experienced when moving close to other players. 

Although the Valorant Patch 5.01 is the first update after the new Act, it brings quite a lot of changes to the agents. Furthermore, the Phoenix buff will surely bring changes to agent selection stats. It will be interesting to see how the community and players react to these significant changes. For more updates and the latest news, follow our Instagram page and stay tuned to our website.

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