VALORANT Patch 5.06

VALORANT Patch 5.06 brings Pearl changes, Stinger buff, and more

VALORANT Patch 5.06 will bring a few important changes to the game, including Pearl changes and Stinger buff.

The new patch will bring multiple changes to Pearl and a few changes to Stinger. To make it simpler to navigate, the developers made a number of changes to the map’s three main areas, A Site, B Site, and mid. The weapon, on the other hand, is reportedly now more effective over close ranges.

VALORANT Patch 5.06 will release at 2:30 am IST on the 21st of September in India. 

VALORANT Patch 5.06 Highlights

Following are the highlights of the upcoming patch.

Weapon Changes


  • Primary Fire error adjusted from 1.6 error after 7 bullets to 1.3 error after 6 bullets
  • The goal behind this adjustment was to make Stinger feel controllable and appropriately lethal at short ranges. However, it might still feel “out-of-control in close-quarters.” 
  • Alt Fire first shot error adjusted from .5 to .35
  • For an option (Alt fire/ADS) that’s about being more accurate, the first shot had more variance than needed.

Map Changes


B Main – 

The height of the waist-high wall on the left side of B Main is now lowered, so that it can no longer completely hide anyone.

Image via PlayVALORANT

Mid Shops – 

Clearing this area in Mid Shops was harder than intended. The devs have extended the platform, making it easier to push this area.

Image via PlayVALORANT

Mid Shops to Mid Plaza – 

This is another spot in Mid Shops that’s proven to be painful to clear when trying to move through mid. As a result, the devs have removed one of the corners.

Image via PlayVALORANT

Mid Top

Mid currently favours attackers, so the devs have pushed in a wall on Mid Top to remove a 50-50 check. This should make it slightly easier for defenders to challenge mid.

Image via PlayVALORANT

A Art – 

Both sides have had difficulty in moving effectively through A Art. The developers have simplified the space so there are fewer areas to check.

Image via PlayVALORANT
Image via PlayVALORANT
Image via PlayVALORANT

B Link – 

This box provides a good piece of cover for attackers pushing B link, but it’s been tough to re-clear for defenders. The devs have made it easier for defenders to manage, while keeping a little attacker-side powe. The stack of boxes cover closer to the site will shift from the left side to the right, to simplify the number of angles approaching players need to consider, as well as close a difficult sightline to B Hall.

Image via PlayVALORANT
Image via PlayVALORANT

A Main – 

The devs have removed a cut out on the wall of A Main to simplify the space, which should also make this area slightly easier for defenders to push aggressively.

Image via PlayVALORANT

A Main to A Site – 

This spot was unnecessarily tough to smoke effectively. The devs have tried to make smoking easier by tightening the choke by a margin, giving a small buff to defenders. The cubby on the right will also shrink slightly to keep it from being too deep.

Image via PlayVALORANT

Along with these, the game will also get a few social updates and bug fixes. Click here to read the detailed patch notes on VALORANT’s official website.

VALORANT Patch 5.06 will also bring the new ChronoVoid skin bundle to the game. Apart from the new skin bundle, the new patch will not bring any new content to the game. However, the Pearl and Stinger changes are massive. It will be interesting to see how players adapt to these changes. Furthermore, we will not get to see the Chamber, Fade, and Cypher changes as mentioned in the the State of the Agents blog post.

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