Valorant Patch Notes 3.01

Valorant Patch Notes 3.01: Everything You Need to Know

Valorant Patch Notes 3.01 details are here. Riot Games released them on July 7. Moreover, there are significant changes to the game currency. 

Valorant Patch Notes 3.01: 

Riot significantly altered the pricing of weapons and abilities in VALORANT Patch 3.0. It caused the entire in-game economy shift.

It also included KAY/O, the game’s new robotic killer. In contrast, he is the latest Valorant Agent. He can suppress opponents while assisting his team in clearing areas.

Patch 3.01 isn’t as game-changing as Patch 3.00. But it does fix a few bugs and improve the overall experience.

Sage’s Barrier Orb can no longer protect projectiles while they are in the air. While inhibited, Skye can no longer use her Guiding Light talent.

In NULL/CMD, the problem that allowed KAY/O to heal when downed is fixed. 

Valorant Patch Notes 3.01 tell that they also fixed a visual glitch. This caused Sova’s Recon Bolt to seem deployed, while in the air.

Riot has fixed several social issues. In addition, the one that allowed players to imitate system messages by changing text chat colours. 

In custom games, an issue caused the invite button UI to overlap with the Defender Coach UI. 

Moreover, a bug caused player names to appear as a question mark if the “Use Generic Names for Players Outside my Party” option.

Account Levelling 

Account levelling difficulties that resulted in players receiving a lower level than intended have been corrected, as have alignment concerns in observer view. Players will no longer have to deal with visual difficulties that impede account levelling at the end of the game.

The official patch notes contain a comprehensive list of bug fixes.

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