VALORANT Patch Notes 3.05

VALORANT Patch Notes 3.05: Everything You Need to Know

VALORANT Patch Notes 3.05 are here. Riot released a new map ‘Fracture’ with the patch. In addition , there’s a new Battlepass and a Spectrum skinline.

This patch brings more consistency to the damage that abilities inflict on opposing abilities. There are improvements to everyone’s favourite two robots.

Also, there’s a follow-up on our previous Ask VALORANT attempt to alter our rank distribution.

Moreover, for Premium Battlepass subscribers, there’s a Fracture-only queue and the new XP Boost.



Ability damage for Brimstone, Sova, and Breach has been adjusted to be more consistent. 

Riot wants to reward those players that use the ability to sandbox to solve the problems that other Agents create with your tools.

To do this, physical items throughout VALORANT must interact in a predictable and consistent manner. Therefore, allowing you to plan and execute without having to know ability-specific interactions.


In contrast, Valorant New Map Fracture has arrived. After teasing it for some days, they gave early access to some users. 

The remote Kingdom Research base, split by a failed radianite experiment, is marked by an H-shaped layout. 

It has a dual-biome environment, and zipline routes underneath.


  • Immortal 1,2,3 rank tiers are back!
  • Also, the Leaderboard will be updated to show which of you are in the Immortal rank.
  • Updated Restrictions on ranked grouping to facilitate the return of Immortal 1/2/3.
  • Moreover, the competitive ranking distribution has been adjusted.
  • Fracture-only queues!


Moreover, upgrading to the Premium Battlepass will grant a 3% XP boost. This is towards Battlepass tier progression for all matchmade games until the end of Act II

  • The XP boost does not apply toward Daily or Weekly Missions.
  • ping calculation to exclude the server frame time
  • VALORANT Patch Notes 3.05 has fixed many bugs.

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