Vantage In-Game Look

Apex Legends Developers Accidentally Leaked Vantage In-Game Look

The developers of Apex Legends have accidentally leaked the In-Game Look of Vantage ahead of its official announcement. 

On the 22nd of March, Respawn posted images of six diary entries. The entry shares a story of a character who lives in an isolated rural location with her mother. Moreover, the diary features a few doodles alongside the text. This was a teaser of the upcoming Legends in the game, Vantage.

The caption with one of the doodles, “You’ve got to keep yourself busy when you’re one of the only two people on the planet,” suggests that the character lives alone with her mom.

The Developers Accidentally Leaked the In-Game Look of Vantage

The new legend Vantage and Season 14 information appear to have been leaked by the Apex Legends developers before the game’s official release. The season is scheduled to launch on August 9th, but the community already knows what to expect when their clients open that day.

One Reddit user opened the Apex Legends client and was startled to see a pop-up about Vantage and Season 14 . “This one just show on Apex,” the user wrote.

The new legend Vantage and a brief description of season 14 welcomed some players when they launched the game on July 23. 

The pop-up message reads, “There’s a new instalment of the Stories from the Outlands! Watch Survive and meet the new Legend joining the Games in Apex Legends: Hunted, coming August 9.”

Fans said that this version of Vantage appears detailed after looking at the latest leak from the developers, and that the earlier leaked model might have been a placeholder with very few textures.

In March, Vantage and nine other upcoming characters in Apex Legends were leaked.  New Castle was included in the list of leaked legends and was released in the game with the same abilities, proving that the leaks were accurate thus far. Additionally, it makes sense given the order in which the agents are supposed to be released based on the leaks.

Vantage Abilties

Following are the abilities of Vantage according to the leaks:

Vantage is a ‘Survivalist Sniper.’

Tactical Ability: ‘Echo Launch,’ quite similar to Crypto’s drone. Players can use it by pressing the binded button to control it and launch Vantage towards a certain spot.

Passive Ability: ‘Sniper Kit,’ provides her with tactical information in ADS or any long-range scope. This ability reveals Legend’s name, shield stats, squad size, and distance from Vantage.

Ultimate Ability: ‘Mark To Kill,’ equips a modified rifle with a scanner and a damage increase for her entire team. On successful hits, the damage is doubled if Vantage tags them with it.

With Season 14 not far away, the teasers and the in-game look of Vantage is hyping up all the fans. Furthermore, the leak by Respawn of the upcoming map in a recent Seer’s interview clip has also intrigued the audience. It will be exciting to see how accurate these leaks are. For more updates and the latest news, follow our Instagram page and stay tuned to our website.

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