VCC 2022 Playoffs Finals

VCC 2022 Playoffs Finals : Teams, Schedule and Brackets

VCC 2022 Playoffs are all set for 25-27 February 2022. Group Stage matches ended on 20 February. With this, the brackets for the finals have been locked.

Moreover, the winner and runner up of this event will be directly seeded into the VCC APAC Challenger Playoffs Main Event. 

Meanwhile, something extreme happened that shocked the fans. Riot disqualified God Particles for exploiting a bug in a match.

KnightRider exploited a bug on the Haven map that allowed Jett to climb a Box on the C site. It is done by Passive drift + crouching. 

VCT rulebook prohibits players from exploiting bugs in any of the VCC or VCT matches.

But Riot realised that many teams have been exploiting this bug. So many players from other regions took advantage of this. 

Therefore, they announced that the Match between God Particles and Team Exploit would continue the next day. Also, they warned every team about the bug issue.

VCC 2022 Playoffs : Teams 

The Group stage featured the top 8 teams of South Asia. Out of which, the top 4 teams will play in the Playoffs Finals. 

The following teams will fight in the finals –

  1. Enigma Gaming
  2. Velocity Gaming
  3. Global Esports 
  4. Team Exploit

VCC 2022 Playoffs : Brackets

The teams will fight in a double elimination bracket. 

Round 1 :

  • Enigma Gaming Vs Global Esports 
  • Velocity Gaming Vs Team Exploit

All matches will be best of 3 except grand finals, which are best of 5. In addition, VCC 2022 Playoffs have a prize pool of $30,000 USD.

The top 2 teams from APAC Challengers will get slots in VCT Masters 1. 

To sum up, it is a golden chance for South Asia to showcase their skills. 2 teams from South Asia will fight in the VCT 2022 Global Circuit. 

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