VCC India Qualifiers 2 Finals

VCC India Qualifiers 2 Finals : Schedule, Teams and More

VCC India Qualifiers 2 are live now. With the fights between the best teams of India, the event will come to an end on 7 February.

God Particles and Velocity gaming will fight for a slot in VCC 2022 Playoffs.  

VCC India Qualifiers 2 : Schedule

VCC  India Qualifiers 2 Finals will go live on 7 February, at 5 pm. Fans can catch the event live on the official channel of Nodwin Gaming.

The finals will be best of 5. For the first time, God Particles and Velocity Gaming will fight in this event. 

VCC India 2022 Details :

God Particles defeated Global Esports in the semifinals by 2-1. Earlier, GE defeated them in Qualifier 1. 

However, GE couldn’t win Qualifier 1 finals. They lost to Enigma Gaming in the finals by 1-3.

On the other hand, VLT won by 2-0 against True Rippers in the semifinals.

VCC 2022 Playoffs :

The next stages will be VCC 2022 Playoffs – Leg 1 and Leg 2. After that, the winner and the team in second position will directly go to the VCC Playoffs Main Event.

Moreover, VCC Playoffs Main Event will be played in March 2022. a

This time, Riot has changed the format of VCT. Teams will no longer depend on LCQs. There are two slots confirmed for South Asia in the Valorant Champions Tour 2022. 

Another Chance for GE and Runner up :

Global Esports and the runner up from Qualifier 2 will get another chance. These teams will now play in VCC Wildcard qualifiers. Runner-up teams across South Asia regions will fight in this round. 

To sum up, the VCC India event is getting unpredictable. Any team could show a comeback and win. Valorant fans must not miss out on these matches.

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