VCC Wildcard 2022

VCC Wildcard 2022 : Global Esports and God Particles Qualify for Playoffs

VCC Wildcard 2022 ended on 13 February. Global Esports emerged as the champions of wildcard finals. They defeated God Particles by 2-0.

There are two slots for the VCC Playoffs. Therefore, both the teams will advance to the main event.

VCC Wildcard 2022 :

VCC Wildcard qualifiers featured all the runner-up teams from various countries. The following teams played in the round –

  1. Global Esports (India qualifier 1)
  2. God Particles (India qualifier 2)
  3. Salt Esports (Pakistan)
  4. Crash Landin on You (Sri Lanka and Maldives)
  5. M1syl and Friends (Bangladesh)
  6. Maruti Peek (Nepal and Bhutan)

Also, this time, it was a double elimination bracket. 

In the finals, two maps, Haven and Breeze were played. Global Esports won both the rounds with the scores : 13-5 and 13-3.

VCC Playoff Main Event :

A total of 8 teams will fight in 2 groups. Moreover, the matches will be best of 5. 4 teams (two from each group) will advance to the next round.

This stage will be live between 18-20 February. All fans catch the event live on the official YouTube channel of Nodwin Gaming.

The following teams will compete at this stage –

Group A

  • Enigma Gaming
  • Exceeli Esports
  • Union Gaming
  • God Particles

Group B 

  • Velocity Gaming 
  • Team Exploit
  • Khumbu Esports
  • Global Esports

The finals of VCC Playoffs will be played between 35-37 February. There is a prize pool of $30,000. Moreover, the top teams will advance to the VCC APAC Challenger Playoffs.

In addition, the winner and runner up of this stage will directly go to VCT Masters 1. VCT Masters will be a great stage with teams from various regions.

To sum up, South Asia is finally a part of the VCT Circuit as a region. It will be great to watch these teams on the global stage. Valorant fans must not miss out on this iconic event!

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