VCT 2023 Challengers

VCT 2023 Challengers Revealed by Riot Games

VCT 2023 Challengers has been finally revealed by Riot Games. The ultimate esports event for Valorant will return with a new circuit. 

Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) is the most prestigious Valorant event. Riot hosts this global circuit throughout the year. This event crowns the world champion every year.

Mainly, VCT has 3 the following stages –

  1. Challengers 
  2. Masters  
  3. Champions (final event)

From 2023 onwards the Challengers stage will become super important as it will bring players from more and more regions. Also, it will give them a chance to gain a slot into the final stage, that is Champions 2023. 

VCT 2023 Challengers :

Tier-two teams will be able to rightfully advance to tier one under the new system. The two-tier system, known as Challengers, will include 21 different regional circuits across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC.

Format :

Riot has brought this new league format for all the regions. This will cover teams from maximum countries and therefore more opportunities for teams. 

The teams in Challengers will be able to reach the international leagues and global events.

The Challenger leagues will start with open qualifiers with highly organised competitions. 

  • Best teams → Two splits of season 
  • Challengers : Play – in, Group Stage → Playoffs   
  • Playoffs will crown the league’s winner.  

Riot will have proper broadcast schedules for all the big leagues so that teams receive the attention which their skills deserve.

Image Via Riot Games

Challengers Ascension tournaments

Next year, each of the three territories’ Challenger leagues will end in a new event series that will crown the best team in their territory.

Teams that win one of the three Challengers Ascension tournaments will earn a spot in the international league the following year. 

Promotion into International Leagues

Riot has planned ‘Ascension’ till 2028, and each year 1 more team will be promoted to the league.

Moreover, the ranked system in Valorant will join the players to VCT in 2024. Players will directly enter the Challengers through it. 

In addition Riot picked 10 teams from every region(Pacific, Americas, EMEA) for their partnership program this year. About 150 teams from different regions applied for this program. 

The 10 teams will fight in the leagues, which will be very similar to the Masters and Champions Stages.  

Riot will announce more details in the 2022 fall season. To sum up, this approach of Riot will bring more deserving teams into VCT, which will be a good thing. 
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