VCT APAC LCQ : Schedule, Global Esports to Compete Against F4Q

VCT APAC LCQ event is live now with 10 teams participating. The upper bracket quarter finals are over. Global Esports lost a match against PaperRex, but they still have a chance.

As the tournament is in a double elimination format, the losing teams get to compete once again.

Here is the schedule for upcoming matches in the event.

VCT APAC LCQ : Schedule

  1. Upper Bracket:

The Quarter finals of the upper bracket have concluded and the semifinals shall conclude on October 14th. 


October 13th: Nuturn Gaming Vs Full Sense

October 14th : Paper Rex Vs Northeption

The two winning teams out of these will compete in the Upper Bracket Finals. Moreover, the finals are on October 15th, 12:30 pm. 

After that the grand finals will be between the winning teams from both Upper and the Lower brackets. 

  1. Lower Bracket:

There are two lower bracket matches on October 14th as round 2. Following four teams including Global Esports shall participate as they get one more chance –

  • Global Esports Vs F4Q
  • Boom Esports Vs Damwon Gaming
(Image Cr: Liquipedia) 

In addition, you can watch Global Esports competing tomorrow at 6:30 pm IST.

Further, there are rounds 3, 4 and then finals. 


VCT APAC LCQ event decides the teams moving ahead in the circuit. The last and the final stage of Valorant Champions Tour is – ‘VCT: Champions’.

Teams from the following regions are competing in the event –

  • South Asia 
  • SEA 
  • Korea
  • Japan 


  1. Global Esports
  2. DAMWON Gaming
  3. F4Q
  4. Paper Rex
  5. NUTURN Gaming
  7. Northeption
  9. BOOM Esports

In this event there are three teams from each region, except for SA. Also, Chinese teams dropped their two slots. 

However, these dropped slots were given to Japan and Korea. The audience was upset as South Asia got only one slot.

Later on, Riot Games gave an official statement regarding the slot allotment. They said that due to very high viewership and esports hype in Japan and Korea, they decided to give them more slots.

But now, Valorant esports is growing in the South Asia region too. Hopefully there will be more slots for SA in future tournaments. 

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