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VCT EMEA Stage 3 : Everything You Need To Know

The VCT EMEA Stage 3 will start in the Europe, Turkey and the CIS region. Teams playing in the Global VCT tournaments, Masters, and Champions will be representing the EMEA area as a whole.

The VALORANT Champions Tour’s next stage across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa will follow a similar pattern to VCT Masters Two. But there are a few major differences.

About VCT EMEA Stage 3:

The VCT EMEA Stage 3 begins on June 28, 2021. Moreover, there are 512 teams representing the Europe, Turkey, and the CIS regions.

The teams shall play in the open and closed qualifiers. The open qualifiers will be a single-elimination competition, while the closed qualifiers will be a double-elimination tournament.

The top eight teams from the closed qualifiers will advance to the first major event. It will take place on July 2.

Detailed Format:

According to Riot, invitations to the closed qualifier would be based on a “combination of variables.” It shall include success in previous VCT EMEA stages.

Each of the three territories—Europe, Turkey, and the Commonwealth of Independent States—will compete in a separate double-elimination tournament in the first of two main events.

(Image Cr: Riot Games)

Turkey and the CIS’s seventh and eighth-place teams will also qualify for the second closed qualification. The second qualifier will be broken into two halves in the same way that the first qualifier was.

Eight teams will compete for a spot in the EMEA Challengers playoffs in the second major event. The last slots will be filled by the top two European teams, as well as the top teams from Turkey and the CIS.

The EMEA Challengers playoffs begin on August 12 and will include 12 of the strongest teams from throughout EMEA. This will include six from Europe, three from Turkey, and three from the CIS.

The finalist teams shall compete for the circuit points and the prizes.

Meanwhile VCT Masters: Reykjavik ended on May 30, 2021. Sentinels were crowned as the champions of the event.

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