VCT Game Changers 2022

VCT Game Changers 2022 : Dates, Registration, Schedule and More

VCT Game Changers is back for its second year. Riot Games officially announced this women’s tournament for South Asia and Southeast Asia. Riot is hosting it with FSL. 

Registration :

According to the official website, the registration links will be available soon. 

Players from APAC Region (except Korea, China, Japan) are eligible to register for this year’s series. 

VCT Game Changers : DATES

APAC Open 1 March 3 – 6
Open 2April 7 – 10
Open 3May 5 – 8
Open 4June 2 – 5
Open OvertimeJune 29 – 3 July
Last Chance August 16 – 20
EliteOctober 1 – 2 & 8 – 9
Image via Riot Games

VCT Game Changers 2022 :

The Game Changers APAC 2022 Series will complement the current VCT competitive season. Moreover, the tournament has a prize pool of $60,000.

This time, the series is classified into four stages. The stages for this year are as follows:

  1. APAC Open 1 to 4: 
  • Maximum 64 teams will fight in a double elimination bracket.
  • These teams will fight in 4 tournaments to gain points. 
  • The top  3 teams on the leaderboard will qualify for the APAC Elite stage.
  • Moreover, Teams can win USD5,000 at each stage of the Open tournaments.
  1. APAC Open Overtime:
  • Eight teams from the previous APAC Open stage, ranked 4th to 11th, will have another chance to qualify.
  • The tournament will be held in a double elimination format. 
  • Furthermore, the top three teams will qualify for the APAC Elite stage.
  1. APAC Last Chance:
  • It is the final chance to qualify.
  • Also, there can be up to 64 teams.
  1. APAC Elite: 
  • In the APAC 2022 series, this is the grand finale. 
  • Over the course of two weekends, the final 8 qualifying teams will compete for the title of APAC champion. 
  • They’ll also be competing for a piece of the USD35,000 prize pool and the chance to compete in Riot Games’ global Game Changers competition later this year. 
  • More information regarding this global event will be provided as the date approaches.

About VCT Game Changers :

VCT Game Changers is an international circuit tournament for women and other marginalised genders. 

Fans can watch the event live on the following channels/pages –

  • English: FSL Twitch, FSL Facebook
  • Bahasa Indonesia: FSL YouTube
  • Thai: FSL_th (Twitch)

In 2021, Alter Ego Celeste were crowned as the champions of VCT Game Changers. From India, VLT Asteria participated in the event. The roster has players from Australia and Pakistan too.  

In conclusion, VCT is another great opportunity for the APAC Region. Therefore, players who wish to make a career in Valorant esports, must not miss out on this. 

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