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VCT Game Changers: VLT Asteria to Compete Against Big Scythe

VCT Game Changers SEA Elite is live now. The upper bracket quarter finals are over now. Nigma Galaxy defeated VLT Asteria in the upper bracket quarterfinals.

However, they have a second chance, as the tournament has a double elimination format. 

Therefore, VLT Asteria will compete against Big Scythe in the lower bracket quarterfinals. The match begins on October 24. The matches will be live on the official channel of VCT.

In contrast, Velocity Gaming is hosting a watch party on their official YouTube channel. So, you can also watch it with an Indian audience in the chat.

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VCT Game Changers:

VCT Game Changers  is an international circuit for Asia and Southeast Asia. Also, Riot Games specially organised this event for girls.

The top 8 teams from both the regions are participating.

The event has the following three stages –

  • FSL Open
  • FSL Qualifiers
  • And the final stage, FSL Elite

FSL Elite, the final event is live and its prize pool is $25,000. 

About VLT Asteria:

VLT Asteria has players from India, Pakistan and Australia. Earlier, they participated as Asteria in the tournament.

Moreover, Velocity Gaming signed their roster. Velocity Gaming is one of the top esports organisations in India. 

VLT Asteria has the following players –

  • Saloni ‘Meow16K’ Pawar
  • Shreya ‘ShreyUwU’ Prasad
  • Neha ‘CaspeR’ Sottany
  • Akanksha ‘Muffinloop’ Sukhramani
  • ‘JeLi’
  • Iqra ‘BriTSy’ Khan

The team showed a spectacular performance at the VCT Game Changers : FSL Elite Wildcard Qualifiers. In the final game, they defeated team Litality Estelle by 3-1. 

To sum up, Riot is doing great work in building an esports environment. In addition, There will be more such big tournaments.

Indian teams are participating and making India proud at the global stages. The Valorant esports scenario is growing at a good pace in India.

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