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Velocity Gaming Eliminated from BGIS : Round 3 All Details

Velocity Gaming eliminated from BGIS after the Round 3 of Online Qualifiers. Round 3 began on December 27 in which 4 groups played. 

VLT is one of the best teams in India, and they got a special invite to the event. However, the Online Qualifier-matches didn’t go well for them.  

Velocity Gaming in ROUND 3 :

Velocity Gaming played in the Group 3. All the teams had to play just 3 matches. This means they had to perform anyhow to stay in BGIS.

The maps were –  Erangel-Miramar-Erangel. VLT tried their best, but couldn’t secure more points in the end. They got overall 6 points post match 3.

Round 3 :

Round 3 of BGIS features the 224 qualified teams and 32 invited teams. Krafton put these teams into 16 groups. The top 4 teams from each group will qualify for the quarter finals.

On the other hand, Team XO (invited team) qualified with 61 points. 

On 27 December, Group 1-4 played 3 matches each. The following teams qualified for the quarter finals –

Round 3 ends on 30 December. Moreover, the Quarter Finals start on 2 January 2022 with the top 64 teams. After that, the semi finals will have 24 teams. 

Moreover, the grand finals will feature 16 teams who will fight for the title of the champions and the slot for PMGC 2021.  

About Velocity Gaming :

Velocity Gaming is one of the top esports organisations of India. They have their rosters in Valorant also. In 2021, they signed the former BGMI roster of IND.

Their roster has the following players –  

  1. Raj ‘Snax’ Verma
  2. Samir ‘Kratos’ Choubey
  3. Daljit ‘Daljitsk’ Singh
  4. Randeep ‘Attanki’ Singh Bhullar

To sum up, VLT is still one of the best teams. Team Snax won ‘The Launch Party’, the very first event of Krafton. So, fans don’t have to be disappointed, there are many events ahead!

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