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Velocity Gaming is Amongst Top 20 Teams With the Highest Valorant Esports Earnings

Velocity Gaming is one of the best Valorant teams in India. With so many victories, they are now among the top 20 teams with highest Valorant esports earnings.

Velocity Gaming : Overall Earnings

According to liquipedia, VLT is at the 17th position in the list, with overall earnings worth $101,479. They have earned it from all the Valorant esports events till now.

Surprisingly, Velocity Gaming did it by playing just 3 official events, namely – Ignition, VCC 2021, VCC 2022. 

Rest of the events were all third-party tournaments. These include events of The Esports Club, Skyesports and many more. 

VLT has won a total of 19 events. Moreover, they came second in 8 events and third in 4 events, the highest record of an Indian Valorant team.

In contrast, VLT won VCC 2022 against Global Esports. They took a share of $15,000 from the prize pool. Last year, they were the runner-up of VCC.

This makes Velocity Gaming the finest Valorant team of India. With a big list of achievements, they have a huge fan base now. VLT will represent India at the VCT APAC Challenger Playoffs.  

The team will fly to Thailand for this event so that they get a lower ping. The winner and runner-up will get direct slots for the VCT Masters 1. 

About VLT :

VLT is an Indian Esports organisation. They have their rosters in Valorant and BGMI esports. 

Their Valorant Roster has the following players –

  1. Anuj ‘Amaterasu’ Sharma
  2. Debanjan ‘DeathMaker’ Das
  3. Vibhor ‘Vibhor’ Vaid
  4. Sagnik ‘Helleff’ Roy
  5. Tejas ‘Rite2ace’ Sawant

VLT also has a girls’ lineup in Valorant. In 2021, they signed Asteria with players from India, Australia and Pakistan. VLT Asteria has the following players –

  1. Saloni ‘Meow16K’ Pawar
  2. Shreya ‘ShreyUwU’ Prasad
  3. Neha ‘CaspeR’ Sottany
  4. Akanksha ‘Muffinloop’ Sukhramani
  5. Iqra ‘BriTSy’ Khan
  6. ‘JeLi’

To sum up, VLT is now becoming the leading esports organisation in India. They have the potential to dominate the global stage, and will make India proud at VCT 2022. 

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