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“Velocity Gaming Valorant Roster Won’t Be Disbanded” – VLT Sentinel

Velocity Gaming Valorant would stay the same, VLT Sentinel confirmed recently. 

Riot Games launched a franchise program for esports teams. VLT could not enter this partnership. However, VLT Sentinel announced that they will stick together.

Riot Games’ Franchise :

In June 2022, Riot Games announced a program in which organisations would get a chance to be in a partnership with the company. This would take them to a new event – Valorant league, which will begin in 2023. 

Over 200 teams from across the world successfully submitted proposals to Riot Games for this program. However, only a few got selected. 

Since it was confirmed that Velocity Gaming would not be participating in the VCT 2023 collaboration programme, supporters have been concerned about the future of the VLT squad. 

The team is still here to stay for the foreseeable future, according to VLT owner Manoj “Sentinel” Kasyap, who is reassuring fans.

The VALORANT partnered league does not have a buy-in fee, making it easier for nearly any qualifying organisation to apply than official franchised leagues like the LCS and LEC in League of Legends. 

Velocity Gaming in Valorant Esports

Velocity Gaming has been one of the finest teams of South Asia. They won the VCC Stage 1 2022 against Global Esports. In SCS 2022, they came fourth. 

VLT also represented South Asia in the APAC Challengers Stage 1.

After that, things didn’t go in their favour. The organisation has currently decided to compete in the domestic South Asian region instead of conquering the APAC. 

Image Via Skyesports Champions Series

Meanwhile, Global Esports has reached the third stage of the Valorant International League Application. Dr Rushindra Sinha, Co-founder of GE, said, “ ….while this does not mean we have a slot, it means we are one step closer, but the real uphill battle begins now.”

Days later, in a follow-up tweet, he indicated that Velocity Gaming “will figure things out together” and that they are as committed to the long term as their regional rival.

In short, Valorant esports in South Asia is somewhere, still lagging behind. And we still have a long way to go, in terms of performance at the global stage. 

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