Velocity Gaming Wins VCC India Qualifier 2

Velocity Gaming Wins VCC India Qualifier 2

Velocity Gaming have made their way to the next round of VCC 2022. They defeated God Particles in the VCC India Qualifiers 2 Finals. 

Without giving God Particles to win a single map, they won all the three consecutive maps.

With this, VLT has become the second team to qualify for VCC Playoffs. The first team is Enigma Gaming who won Qualifiers 1. 

Velocity Gaming Vs God Particles :

Although the finals were Best of 5, VLT ended the game wonderfully with a score of 3-0. Moreover, Sagnik ‘Hellff’ Roy became the MVP. 

Maps :

In the finals, the following maps were played –

  1. Breeze (13-5)
  2. Split  (13-5)
  3. Haven (13-9)

About Velocity Gaming –

Velocity Gaming is one of the top esports organisations in India. Their team has following players – 

  • Anuj ‘Amaterasu’ Sharma
  • Debanjan ‘Deathmaker’ Das
  • Sagnik ‘Hellff’ Roy
  • Tejas ‘Rite2ace’ Sawant
  • Vibhor ‘Vibhor’ Vaid

God Particles :

God Particles is a new team that performed so well in both the qualifier rounds. They even defeated Global Esports in the semifinals. However, things didn’t turn in their favour.

Their team has the following players –

  • Shivam “sh1vy” Ajmani
  • Abhay “KnightRider” Mulchandani
  • Garvit ‘Ember’ Nehra
  • Divyansh “Scargod” Jain
  • Arnav ‘Logista’ Kalra

Also, the journey isn’t over for God Particles. They will play Wildcard Qualifiers, which can give them another chance in VCC.

Similarly Global Esports, the runner-up from qualifier 1 have this second chance.

VCC Playoffs :

VCC Playoffs will be live between 18-20 February. There will be 2 groups with 4 teams in each. The winners of each region will fight in this round. Also, there are two slots for the Wildcard qualifying teams.  

Following teams have already qualified for the VCC Playoffs –

  1. Enigma Gaming 
  2. Velocity Gaming
  3. Team Exploit (from Pakistan)
  4. Union Gaming (from Sri Lanka and Maldives qualifier)
  5. Exceeli Esports (from Bangladesh)
  6. Winner of Nepal and Bhutan qualifier

Furthermore, the finals of VCC Playoffs will be played between 25-27 February 2022. 

To sum up, the competition level and the fanbase is now huge in the region. The VCT circuit will be interesting to watch with South Asian teams.

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