Velocity Gaming Wins VCC

Velocity Gaming Wins VCC Playoffs 2022 Against Global Esports

Velocity Gaming crowned as the champions of VCC Playoffs 2022 against Global Esports. With this, both teams advance to the next step of VCT 2022. 

The VCC Playoffs 2022 Grand Finals ended on 27 February. Meanwhile, the final day ended with a very close fight between the best two teams of India. 

Velocity Gaming VS Global Esports 

Maps & Scores :-

The best of 5 series was totally unpredictable. The following maps were played –

1. Breeze (13-8)

2. Split (5-13)

3. Icebox (13-7)

4. Bind (8-13)

5. Haven (13-11)

Haven was the decider map. Meanwhile the fights got intense at the end. VLT Vibhor got an Ace on this final map. With this VLT kept on winning rounds and won.  

VCC Next Stage :

In contrast, VCC APAC Challenger Playoffs will be the next stage for these teams. With new challenges and the best teams of the Asia Pacific region, there will be a fight between 20 teams. 

The APAC Challengers will be live between 10-27 March 2022. Also, it will take the teams to the next stage – VCT Masters. The top two teams will get direct slots in the VCT Masters 1. 

The following teams will fight on this stage – 

  1. Velocity Gaming
  2. Global Esports
  4. South Built Esports
  5. BOOM Esports
  6. Paper Rex
  7. CERBERUS Esports
  8. Made in Thailand
  9. NAOS Esports
  11. Bleed eSports
  12. Fancy United Esports
  14. Action PH
  15. ONIC Esports
  16. Team Big BAAM
  17. Oblivion Force
  18. Griffin E-Sports
  19. Bonkers
  20. NN

Moreover, Mr Manoj Kasyap, owner of VLT said that they will fly to Thailand for this event. This will give a lower ping. Also, GE may travel to Thailand or Singapore. 

To sum up, both Velocity Gaming and Global Esports are the finest teams of South Asia. Fans anticipate their victory in this VCT Circuit. The teams will surely make India proud. 

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