Vikendi 2.0

Vikendi Map 2.0 : Everything You Need to Know

PUBG Mobile recently removed the Vikendi map from the game. After that, they have worked and made new changes. The map will soon come back to the game.

Moreover, PUBG removed Vikendi from the PUBG Mobile Spring Split 2021 too. Earlier, the map was a part of the esports circuit. 

However, PUBG added a new map Karakin to the game. It is Similar to Miramar.

(Image Cr: Tencent Games)

Vikendi Map 2.0 Release Date:

The test version 1.5 shall bring back the map. Vikendi will come soon in the PC Version. However, it might take some time to reflect into the mobile version.

New Features of the New Map:

  1. The Train Tracks and the Train in Motion.
  2. The majority of the snow has been removed.
  3. Dino Park has been expanded and renamed.
  4. DinoLand has also received additional parts.
  5. Kreznic now has an Abby.
  6. The dark weather is permanently removed.

Vikendi Map:

This is a 6km X 6km Map all covered with snow. PUBG removed it for adding new features.

(Image Cr: Tencent Games)

Vikendi is a beautiful map with frozen water bodies, hot springs, pine trees and mountains. Players can track enemies by footprints and tire-marks on the snow. 

This map has thrilling gameplay. In addition, it has specific vehicles like snow-mobile. 

In conclusion, the map seems to come back soon. It looks exciting, especially with the new trains. It will be thrilling to watch it in the esports circuit too.

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