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Riot Games To Start Voice Evaluation System in Valorant From July

Riot Games will start voice evaluation in Valorant using the Voice Evaluation System from the 13th of July. However, the system will only work in the North American region and English language at the start.

According to Riot Games, voice evaluation will allow them to collect data as evidence that can be used to verify any violation and toxicity in the game that goes against the game’s policy. Furthermore, it will also allow the game to tell the players why a particular action resulted in a penalty. 

Valorant Voice Evaluation System Explained

Riot will start a background launch of the Voice Evaluation System on the 13th of July in North America and English-only. The main objective of launching the system in only one region and language is to train their language models. This will allow their technology to be ready for a beta launch later this year. Furthermore, Riot Games will not use the system for the behaviour reports in the background launch. 

Currently, Riot is still working on the system. By the end of this year, we will get to see the beta launch of it. Furthermore, we can expect the global launch of the system at the start of next year. Besides, Riot Games claims that the system is effective and if mistakes happen, they have systems in place to make sure they can correct any false positives. 

Riot Games have updated their Privacy Notice and Terms of Service to allow them to record and evaluate voice comms in Valorant when a player submits a report. 

Riot has always prioritised fair gameplay and lowering toxicity in the game, and it has managed to do so. The Voice Evaluation System will be a huge step towards it and further improving the game. It will be interesting to see how much the new system can improve the gaming experience of Valorant.

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