Wild Rift Might Change Indian Esports Scene

PUBG MOBILE ban created a big void in the Indian mobile Esports scene. India needs a new mobile title for Esports, and Wild Rift might be the one.

It is a multiplayer online battle arena mobile game also known as Moba game. The game’s PC version League of legends PC has a huge era of Esports.
Because of that, everyone is expecting the Same Esports scene for this game.
But Indian Esports is all around FPS games so battle arena games might face some issues to get popular in India. The game’s publishers have so many plans for Esports in South Asia region.

The riot has coordinated with ESL GAMING host Official professional and collegiate Esports events for the Wild rift in Southeast Asia.
Before the release of the game, Riot games announced it would “take the initial steps to build the wild rift Esports ecosystem”, International organizations, as well as some Indian organizations, already announced their Wild rift roster in India. Hope India will accept it as Esports game.

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