Wild Rift Origin Series Championship 2021

Wild Rift Origin Series Championship 2021 Announced by Riot Games

Riot Games announced the Wild Rift Origin Series Championship 2021. It is a LAN event in Stockholm, Sweden. It will be live between September 24 to 26. 

Wild Rift Origin Series


Teams from the following regions shall participate in the event –

  • Europe 
  • Middle East
  • North Africa 
  • Turkey
  • CIS

The top 6 teams from these regions will compete for the title of Wild Rift Origin Series Champions.

The prize pool for the Origin Series is €300,000 (about $352,000). The amount of money awarded in the championship is unknown.

In addition, Riot Games will organise the Wild Rift World Championship later this year.

Only the champion will be eligible for the first World Championship.

However, at present, the game isn’t available in other regions.

The Origin Series Championship has the following three stages:  

  • Group stage 
  • Knockout round
  • Finals
(Image Cr: Riot Games)

On Sept. 24, the six teams will be sorted into two groups of three teams each for the group stage. 

The top two from each group will advance to the knockouts in a best-of-one round-robin format.

The knockout stage begins On September 25. Also, in the best-of-five semifinals, the four teams will battle in a single-elimination tournament for a position in the finals.

Finally, on Sept. 26, the top two teams will fight in a best-of-seven final to determine the Wild Rift Origin Series champion. 

Moreover, from June to August, the six teams in the Origin Series were chosen through monthly open-for-all competitions.

Also, each month, a qualifying and final were held to award championship qualification points. 

In addition, they formed three groups in the region. The top three teams from Group A, two teams from Group B, and one team from Group C will compete in the championship.

In contrast, the game has launched recently, and it became a part of esports. Riot organises official events regularly. 

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