Wild Rift SEA Championship

Riot Games to Host Wild Rift SEA Championship Very Soon

Riot Games released Wild Rift this year. In contrast, they have started organising esports events too. But, the game is yet to launch in some regions.

The Wild Rift Southeast Asia Championship was preceded by a virtual conference organised by Riot Games. 

Matthew Wong-Stewart, the SEA division’s Community and Channel Lead, introduced the broadcast and discussed the impending event. 

The prize pool for the Wild Rift SEA Championship will be $200,000 USD.

Riot Games Esports in SEA

According to Chris Tran, Riot Games’ Head of Esports (SEA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau), the SEA Championship for Wild Rift is just the beginning of the game’s esports in the region.

Twenty-one of Southeast Asia’s best teams will compete for a prize pool of $200,000 from September 14 to October 3.

The publisher is quite delighted with the responses to Wild Rift throughout Southeast Asia. 

It intends to keep offering local esports experiences. The popularity of Wild Rift esports in the region has grown.

Moreover, it resulted in 1.28 million daily unique views for its events in Southeast Asia. 

Riot aspires to expand in the region by partnering with local governments and associations.

Following are the three stages of competition for the Wild Rift SEA Championship 2021:

  • Play-Ins: 14th – 19th Sept, 2021: Stage 1 
  • Group Stages: 23rd – 26th Sept, 2021: Stage 2
  • Main Event: 30th September – 3rd Oct, 2021: Stage 3 

Moreover, they promised “world-class tournaments where local talent can compete against other regional teams.”

Riot’s ultimate goal in Southeast Asia is to establish a long-term ecosystem where professional teams and talent can thrive.

Southeast Asia is one of Riot Games’ most important locations. 

Also, it was one of the first to get access to Wild Rift and is now the centre of Wild Rift esports, with tournaments like the SEA ICON Series.

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