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XQc turned down an NFT sponsorship worth $1.2 million

The most-watched streamer and content creator on Twitch, Félix “xQcOW” Lengyel, reportedly turned down a million-dollar NFT sponsorship. He said that even though the offer was lucrative, he turned it down.

XQc said, “Today I received an insane, an absolutely insane NFT sponsor offer and the amounts are astronomical one. It was even more fun to tell them no.” He later called it ‘Scummy NFTs.’

The sponsorship deal requested him to post three tweets, a steam overlay, a website visit of five minutes, and some shoutouts on the streams. For these four requests, the company was ready to pay him $1.2 million. However, he said turning down the deal was more satisfying for him.

“That’s a f****** racket. That is a f****** racket! If I have ever seen one. No, thank you, sir, man” said xQc. He later added, “I mean it shouldn’t be surprising though. There’s a bunch of them. It’s just how NFTs are, they are just SCUMAZEEE.”

Twitch streamers against NFTs and NFT sponsorship

From xQc’s statements, it is clear that xQc is not a big fan of NFTs. However, he is not the only one to decline or oppose NFT sponsorship. Various popular Twitch streamers such as Pokimane, HasanAbi, Asmongold, and more have raised their voice against NFTs. 

Pokimane said that it makes her cringe seeing celebrities/influencers promoting NFTs, without knowing much about it. Later, she said, “It’s just so obvious when they’re only doing it for the bag.”

On the other hand, HasanAbi said NFTs are not art and called them a Pyramid Scheme. Further, he added, “The one good thing that was good art was that it was supposed to make you feel something, it was supposed to make you feel emotions, it’s supposed to be, like, captivating. It is supposed to be cool. These apes are everything but that. All of these NFTs are so disgusting. It’s quite literally a copy-paste.”

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NFTs have been quite trending since last year in the gaming community. Some people are fans, whereas some hate them. However, a lot of streamers are against them and oppose NFT sponsorship. 

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